Creating value for an intangible product is similar to take a journey without a map. As a leading law firm in Shanghai, Yishi accomplishes this task by understanding its clients’ values and demands and implements tailored strategies to achieve the goals. In this way, Yishi satisfies necessary of our clients and gain their trust.


Our clients value our services and relationships with us because we take a unique holistic approach of working together with clients and business partners to provide integrated solutions to legal and business needs. Our aim is to be the leader in our market by providing best services - from the first time we meet to the time we complete a job, and throughout our ongoing relationship.

Our motto, in Chinese 正誠乃信,堅毅為石 (Integrity and Honesty creates Trusts; Determination and Perseverance as Rocks) describes both the principal values of law as impartial, just, and orderly, and the fundamental attitude of those who practice the law. This motto also defines the relationships we – all the Yishier build with our clients and the way we do business.

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